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The Best Dive Bars in Long Island City

The dive bar is one of the most famous drinking establishments in the world. They’re a place where you can get a great beer, good conversation, and maybe even find love. But what makes them great? The dives are the best bars around due to their relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. These are our favorite dive bars in Long Island City:

Dominie’s Hoek

A laid-back dive bar with a great backyard and American style bar food, Dominie’s Hoek is a local favorite for brunch and nachos. The nachos are huge, so if you’re hungry, order them as an appetizer or share with a friend! In the summertime, the backyard is open and has plenty of seating. Located on 36th Avenue in Long Island City (right by the 7 train), this trendy spot is perfect for a casual night out.

PJ Leahy’s

PJ Leahy’s is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a dive bar with good food and a relaxed atmosphere. With plentiful TVs, PJ Leahy’s is also a great place to watch football on Sundays. The bartender is friendly and welcoming, but won’t bother you if you’re there to read or have a quiet conversation with friends—the perfect balance between being ignored and being too much in your business.

The menu features classic bar food like burgers, sandwiches and wings (with prices ranging from eight bucks to $15), as well as entrees such as steak frites ($20) or fish tacos ($12). If you’re feeling adventurous, try the grilled octopus salad ($17)—it’s not something we see often in NYC dive bars!

Gutter Bar LIC

If the name doesn’t give it away, Gutter Bar LIC is an old-school bowling alley with vintage lanes. The music and decor are both a throwback to another era, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new happening at this bar. There are lots of beers on tap—and we’re not talking Budweiser here—and a surprising number of them are delicious.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial than beer and pinball, Gutter Bar LIC has hot dogs (they’re good) and other junk food as well. And if you want to try shots while your friends roll strikes on their lanes, they’ll have those available too!

The Shannon Pot

The Shannon Pot is another one of the best dive bars on this list because it’s one block away from the E&M trains and has a neighborhood pub feel. The décor is simple with low lighting, booths, and tables. It’s also quite spacious inside so there’s plenty of room if you want to hang out with friends. If it’s not too crowded, grab a seat at the bar for an inexpensive beer and some Irish nachos that are delicious! They also have free wifi so you can catch up on work emails or look up information about an upcoming trip abroad.