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Fifth Hammer Brewery (LIC) Review

It’s no secret anymore that Long Island City is highly saturated with numerous great options when it comes to microbreweries. In good company with neighbors Rockaway Brewing, Big aLICe, Iconyc, and more, Fifth Hammer is a favorite among the neighborhood’s locals … and their dogs! Take note: it can be tricky to get a table, especially on weekends.

The vibe

Fifth Hammer is located in what feels like a large, spacious warehouse with high ceilings and a large garage door that opens on to the street. During the summer, the staff typically opens, resulting in a large, airy vibe (during the summer, the vibe is much cozier). It’s not uncommon to find live music and food trucks outside the familiar, friendly atmosphere, as well as a large number of dogs (water bowls available on request). There are board games available, which is a great go-to especially on slower weekday evenings.

The beer

Like the other LIC breweries, the beer at Fifth Hammer never disappoints. The rotating taps usually feature a super assortment of IPAs, sours, and darker beers (less common are wheat beers or lagers). During my most recent visit, standouts included The Cloak Spell (a refreshing dark lager with notes of dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla) and the Sound of Science (an 8.5% hazy Double India Pale Ale featuring a melange of Strata, Citra, Vic Secret, Lotus, Trident, and Mosaic), pictured below. Fifth Hammer offers 5.5 oz sizes: perfect if you want to sample several brews and still be able to walk home.